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    Horizontal Brain Cell & 17.3" Sony Vaio

    Hello all...I am interested in the Tri-Star travel bag as well as the Horizontal Braincell for my laptop. I saw that the Size 1 is recommended for the 17" MacBook Pro laptop. I wonder if my 17.3" E Series Sony Vaio will actually fit into the Size 1 because if it does, I will have a real option to travel with my laptop. The Check Point Flyer laptop bag is also attractive for its use during airport security scanners though once again I am unsure if my laptop will fit. Sometimes I regret buying the 17.3" over a 15.6" (though the Blu Rays looks great on the 17.3" screen...and yes, I know it will look even better on a 65" screen TV!! hahahahaha)

    Anyway, I appreciate any feedback!!!



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    Height: .98 inches (2.50 cm)
    Width: 15.47 inches (39.3 cm)
    Depth: 10.51 inches (26.7 cm)

    Sony Vaio
    1.50" (H)
    16.11" (W)
    10.79" (D)

    Knowing how glove-like TB stuff is I would call Katy ask to check on this but the extra half inch on the width makes me nervous....

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    The problem looks to be the Width?
    In mine there is plenty of extra Depth and Height but with the 17"MBP the Width is pretty tight.
    Looking further though I notice that my Brain Cell is a 2M?


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