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    Yay, my bag has arrived. No idea how to attach pictures with my phone, but its pretty and the op all match (thanks!).
    I kind of wish I'd gotten a medium op or at least two small and one mini, but I think I've got it organized. I really like the o rings, I can make it so if the bag got cut from the bottom, nothing would fall out! I wish the buckle was adjustable in length so I could over stuff a bit but I can still fit my water bottle, umbrella, two mini op, one small op, one clear wallet, sunglasses, phone, two pens, an apple, and a yogurt in the main pocket! The other pocket holds my keys, work badge, reusable bag, usb key, notebook, granola bar. Back will fit my folder and a few papers.

    Would make bag better: exterior sunglasses pocket, small zip pocket inside, one more pen holder. Also, the normal strap isn't that good at staying put, I may have to modify it.

    Thanks for everyone who commented and helped me decide!

    PS. The color matches my purple water bottle and purple folding reusable bag very well, yay!

    Edited: Figured out how to get pictures on - go on my laptop :-P Let me know if there's any issues with them...

    Biting the TB bullet - almost-20120726_131822-jpgBiting the TB bullet - almost-20120726_153812-jpgBiting the TB bullet - almost-20120726_153630-jpgBiting the TB bullet - almost-20120726_153643-jpgBiting the TB bullet - almost-20120726_153727-jpg
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    Congratulations on your purchase, Plum and Wasabi look gorgeous together! The Ultra Suede Strap Wrap is very comfortable and IMHO helps the strap to stay put better than the Plastic Simple Strap Pad, but I have seen people on both sides of the fence so it's a preference issue.
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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