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    Anyone use the cadet on a bike?

    I am looking for a new bag to carry 11" MBA and, occasionally, an iPad2 back and forth to work on a bike commute. I am wondering how stable this would be on my back. I like being able to carry my valuables with me when I stop rather than leave them strapped to the bike.

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    Disclosure: I don't have a Cadet. I am a bike commuter though. The Cadet looks like it has a structured back which means it won't mold to your back when you're on a bike. That, plus the ballistic fabric, might make it slide around. Maybe not though, if you snug the strap really tight. To keep a messenger bag on your back, I find that in addition to the shoulder strap, you need a cross strap. What about a backpack?
    Hope that helps! Enjoy your bike commute!

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