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    Asymmetrical flap on Cafe Bags -- functional or aesthetic?

    Hello, new forum poster here. I've been lurking for awhile, while saving up for a Swift to use as my knitting bag. In the meantime, I'm also thinking about a small or medium Cafe Bag. I found my way here from Ravelry (same username, though I'm mostly a lurker there too).

    My question is -- does the asymmetrical flap design on the CBs serve a functional purpose, or is it asymmetrical for aesthetic reasons only? If it matters, this would be for my everyday purse (oh... EDC... got to get the lingo right, LOL), and I ALWAYS wear my bags cross body, with the bag on my right hip. So I'm trying to figure out from the pictures if having the asymmetric closure makes it easier (or harder?) to reach into the bag without undoing the buckle (if that's even possible).

    TIA for your thoughts/advice!

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    I use the MCB for my EDC. I always wear it cross body, but on the left hip. I've never had any problems with the closure being asymmetrical. I think it is just for aesthetic purposes. It works great though no matter the reason.

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