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    Best Option for MFT Camera

    Hi! I have a small MFT camera (only slightly larger than P&S, with prime lens attached) and was trying to determine the best way to safely store it in the Synapse backpack. I was looking at the Padded Organizer Pouches, but cannot determine if the camera would fit in a size small pouch or if I would have to go medium (which sounds too big).

    I am open to other options as well. I am looking for an efficient yet protected storing option. Thanks for your help!

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    Hi Packbacker!

    The Padded Organizer Pouch is certainly a protective and efficient way to store things like electronics.

    As for the size that your MFT camera body would need, between the Small and Medium sizes, I would definitely go with the Medium. Keep in mind the dimensions of the Organizer Pouches listed on our website are taken end-to-end, while the Pouches are laid flat. The Small size would be best suited for something like a smartphone, or a small point and shoot camera. Another option for your MFT Camera might be the Nook Simple Touch Padded Pouch, which is a bit smaller than the Medium Padded Organizer Pouch at 7" x 8.3" (the Medium Organizer Pouch measures 10.3" x 7").

    I hope that helps! Please let me know if you've got any further questions.
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    Oh Brian, I NEVER thought of the pouches, and especially the Nook Pouch. I dont know why though, I use my F.O.T for my flip, and a mini Cordura for my Sony Point and shoot.
    I have a Panasonic Prosumer camera that I may need to get a padded pouch for, not to just figure out the right size. . . Excellent suggestion! I
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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