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    Guardian Light impossible to turn on

    Last winter, I bought a guardian light (along with my new Smart Alec), but I never had much cause to use it. Now I have to walk to and from the train in the dark and so the light is pretty important. But I've discovered that the thing is just about impossible to turn on. It needs to be turned so hard that my hands aren't strong enough to turn it on. Has anyone else had this problem? Is my guardian light broken? Am I just a wimp?


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    It's hard for me to turn mine on also, especially if I haven't used it for a while. I find once I get it going, it gets easier to turn, but those first few times trying really hurt my hands.

    I try to keep it just a hair past the "on" position, and try to not push down at all, but put all the force into the twisting motion. If I remember to turn it on everyday for a while, it gets much easier. It's almost like it gets "rusted" into that position with not enough use.... kind of like my joints, I guess!
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    You are not alone. I too have problems turning my guardian light to the on position.

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    I bought mine when it first came out in 08,
    I have it in white and it is easy and smooth to turn.
    It is also rugged, I accidentally dropped it on the concrete floor of our storage room, it made a noise and I was worried but it's intact.
    I haven't replaced the battery since 08 and I use the light pretty regularly, as a matter of fact, it never leaves my side.

    I haven't had any problem turning it, otherwise it would have been back to Seattle in a jiffy.

    I am very particular when it comes to turn and unlock stuff, I have sensitive skin and a cotton grip. My husband is my bottle opener and I have bottles and jar opener gizmos

    I hope Darcy or Kathy are going to chime in, it would be nice if they were to test older and recent production Guardian Lights side by side.

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    Mine is from REI, not TB, so I recognize the manufacturing country is different. But mine's a pain in the butt to turn on too. Like gochicken, I keep mine off just past on. If I push the light like a button, it's on as long as I'm pushing. And like gochicken, I noticed it's easier to turn on once it's been turned a few times again recently

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    I've had similar utility lights in the past that work the same way. I think this is a "feature" because of a rubber gasket that makes these lights water-tight. You're turning against the rubber grip to maintain the seal. Perhaps with use it'll loosen up for you.


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