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    Getting Ready to Outfit the New iPAD MINI (or whatever it will be called)...

    OK, Tom and all Tom Bihn fans...

    You probably know that on October 23rd, Apple is holding a press event. It is widely speculated that the iPad Mini (unofficial name until announced) will be revealed.

    Getting Ready to Outfit the New iPAD MINI (or whatever it will be called)...-original-jpg

    I am certain that our friends at Tom Bihn have been working on a case solution for Apple's new creation. Even though it is risky to actually start production on sleeves and cases designed to fit unannounced products, several "sources" tend to be correct in rumored or speculated sizes, and Tom is probably way ahead of us!

    I, as a certified sufferer of both Bihn Acquisition Syndrome (BAS) and Apple Acquisition Syndrome (AAS), am officially placing myself in line for a Tom Bihn iPad Mini (or whatever) Cache.

    I sure wish the outside of those Caches were lined with Dyneema (Iberian for me)!

    Oh no! I'm starting to feel a high sense of TB Anticipation again!

    Someone please help me!
    I have BAS (Bihn Acquisition Syndrome)!!

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    I'm curious to see the $ specs on the mini, too! My Ristretto for iPad may end up with a mini instead!

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