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    ISO - Co-Pilot in Steel (prefer Solar Dyneema interior, but open to others)


    I'm looking for a Co-Pilot with a Steel exterior if someone's willing to part with it.. Would greatly prefer a Solar interior if possible. Please PM / Email if you've got one available, I'm kicking myself for not ordering the matching color combination to my Aeronaut when I saw it

    -- Gary

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    Indeed, I too noticed that the Steel exterior Co-Pilot is no longer an available option. It so happens that I ordered one Steel exterior Co-Pilot last week and it should be in my hands in a few days. Unfortunately, I can't part with it as it's a gift for my dad. I do hope they'll bring back the color - it's casual, and yet, won't be out of place in a formal office. Great combo really. Personally, I'm waiting for the Aubergine Co-Pilot to be released.

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