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    Recommendation for 1) iPad 2) 13 inch Macbook Air and 3) 40 oz water

    Greetings Tom Bihn Community,

    This seems a little silly to post such a specific question, but here goes:

    I usually carry

    1) iPad
    2) 13 inch Macbook Air
    3) A 40 oz waterbottle that has a removable lid that can hold a carabiner.
    4) 12 oz travel coffee mug (kleenkanteen)

    The ristretto 13 seems like a good choice for the iPad and the macbook air, but would there be any room to carry a water bottle? Do any of you hook a water bottle to the strap? It might be annoying.

    I currently have a larger backpack that has mesh sides for water bottles. It was good for carrying all of my stuff, but would eventually start filling up with things that I didn't need every day.

    I currently have a medium Tom Binh cafe bag.

    Does the waterbottle and mug push me into a bigger bag? I would appreciate hearing your thoughts on carrying water/coffee.


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    Is your 40 oz. bottle also a KK? I'm trying to get a sense of the diameter of the bottle. My immediate reaction to your musing about hooking the bottle to the strap is that it would be very annoying, but then again, I don't like things to hit my butt repeatedly while I'm walking.

    If you really want the Ristretto, maybe downsizing your current bottle is the answer. Another option might be the Synapse. I can fit my 12 oz KK insulated coffee cup AND a 27-oz regular KK in the water bottle pocket. It does cause the pocket to bulge a little bit into the main compartment, but it's not that bad. I don't think the pocket would accommodate a 40 oz bottle and the coffee cup, but you could always put the bottle in the main compartment.

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    Hi Badger,

    Thank you for you quick and helpful reply.

    Yes, the 40oz is a KK. I will check out the Synapse.

    I'm ready to buy a new bag, but I need to think this through. . .

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    I always recommend the Synapse, especially for carrying water bottles -- it's much easier to balance heavier objects in it.
    I have : many pouches & wallets & 3D Cubes & CQPCs & Stuff Sacks & Shop Bags, plum & black (C) & black/UV & aubergine/UV (B) Side Effects, steel/UV Citizen Canine, black FJN, plum/wasabi SCB, Cork Little Swift, black/steel Co-Pilot, old plum/olive (C) & black/UV (D) LCB, plum/black (C) Swift, old plum/olive (C) Imago, old plum/wasabi Ruck's Sac, steel WF/TS PCB, plum/solar & black/UV (C) & steel/UV (D) Synapses, black/iberian Smart Alec.

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    Synapse,no question.

    I always carry about the same as you but either a 13" MacBook Pro or an 11" Air along with an iPad in a huge Otterbox Case and I can easily get another computer in there too if I need too.

    The Synapse is so much more able to carry things than it appears that you may be astounded when you start packing it!
    It is also a lot more flexible than a briefcase especially if you already like carrying a small pack.


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