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    I bought a Brain Cell which was too big :-(

    When I traded in my old netbook for an ASUS 15.6" laptop, I thought I would be able to just get a bigger Brain Cell to ride inside my faithful Empire Builder. The computer itself when "naked" fits easily inside the EB.

    So I checked the dimensions of the computer, carefully checked that against the Brain Cell sizing chart (the "Laptop Bag Fit Guide" does not appear to have been updated in a while), and placed my order.

    As soon as I opened the box today, I realized with a sinking feeling that the BC would not fit (the absence of snap clips on the BC were a dead giveaway).

    Now part of that is my fault, I should have checked the exterior size of the BC against the interior measurements of the EB and I would have known it was a no go.

    On the other hand, the TB website made it easy to err.......the BC webpage states without qualification that "You can shield your laptop even further: the Brain Cell is designed to clip securely inside our briefcases (Empire Builder, Zephyr)" and the BC sizing chart at no point indicates that "this one will fit inside a Tom Bihn briefcase, this one will not".

    I'll be returning this Brain Cell shortly. Am I correct in that there is no Brain Cell which will (a) attach inside the Empire Builder and (b) hold a laptop which is 15.3 x 10.7 x 1.5 ??
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    Ahhh, sorry about that. I can definitely see how that would be confusing. Send us an email -- -- and we'll help you arrange a return or exchange.

    We're still fine-tuning it, but here's a page we've just created that lists which sizes of Horizontal Brain Cell fit in which bags. It's now linked in the description on the Horizontal Brain Cell page.

    Did you order a Size 2M Horizontal Brain Cell for your laptop? Instead, you could try a Size 2M Horizontal Cache. Note that the Cache will be a tight fit (along the top) inside of your Empire Builder.
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