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    How do you hang a Freudian Slip when there's nothing to hang it on?

    I have a Horizontal Freudian Slip that I carry to business meetings in my (Super Ego) briefcase. When I get to a meeting, I wind up laying the Slip on the meeting table (assuming there is one) in front of me because there's nowhere else to put it. It's handy to have it close-by so when I need to get papers, calculator, etc. from it the Slip will be easy to get at. I typically take detailed notes during a meeting, so I need all my stuff right there so I minimize the interruption when I have to retrieve something from the Slip.

    Has anyone figured out a useful way to hang a Slip along a table's edge during a meeting so that it's right there when you need it? (Typically, there are no hooks around.)
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    One suggestion might be a purse hanger, like the one by Tapp Collections on Amazon.
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    How do you hang a Freudian Slip when there's nothing to hang it on?-image-jpg
    A large heavy duty binder clip big enough to clamp on the side of the table should do wonders, if it is too heavy you might want to use two or more and clip them and the FS loop together with a key strap.
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