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    Ristretto 11 inch MBA - Original or New Design

    Trying to decide between the 2 designs. I like the utility of the original with the extra zippered pocket on the original, but the new design seems like it will hold the items better in case it tips over. Thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    I had the original Ristretto (for a 13" MacBook) up until Christmas, when I gifted it to my 12-year-old niece. I really, really liked that bag, but I find the new design to be a big improvement. The flat zippered pocket was nice, but everything I ended up putting in there would have been better off in an organizer pouch anyway. I like that the new design is much more likely to keep everything safely inside, even if I tuck it under the seat on an airplane or put it on the backseat of my car.

    I was willing to give up my original Ristretto because there is an excellent chance that I'll be buying one of the newer Ristrettos in the near future.

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