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Thread: Availability

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    There are various things I want - some that are available now (Dyneema 3D organizer cube, Dyneema Clear Quarter Packing Cube, Pocket Pouch), and some that are not available yet (new Side Effect (hopefully in Dyneema), new bigger Synapse (hopefully in Dyneema). Is there a way to order what is available now and have it held until the later stuff is available before shipping?

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    We can help you with that! Go ahead and place an order for all of the currently available items. On the last page of Checkout you will see a 'Comments' box. In that box please write us a note saying that you would like to add additional items (and list the items) and that you would like the order held until everything comes into stock. When everything is available we will send you an updated invoice and ship the order out!
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