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    Franklin Covey Filler in Field Journal

    I am looking at the Field Journal to replace my aging planner. Maybe I missed it but I see that the FJ will accept daytimer planner filler. Will it also accept Franklin Covey planner material? Even with my iPhone and iPod nothing can replace my paper planner and tabbed project sheets in the back. I like the layout of the FJ and look forward to converting to it. Thanks to anyone who can give me more info on it.

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    I don't use Franklin pages so the following may be completely useless. The Franklin classic pages are 5.5X8.5 that is the right size for the FJ. From the web site photos the holes are in the right places to fit the FJ too.

    I hope someone with Franklin pages chimes in. It'd be great to know if they are another option. I currently use Daytimer pages.

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