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    Packing Cube For An Ego


    I just purchased a Ego. I'll be using it daily for work and plan to pack a lunch, EDC items and a few files. I also want to include a packing cube with a tee shirt and a small towel. What would be the best size and style cube for the Ego main compartment. I can't get a good size comparison despite looking for pictures at various sites.

    I anticipate a Synapse in the coming months so the cube should also compliment a regular pack.



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    Even though I've already responded to the email you sent, I figured I ought to respond to your question here as well in case anybody else had a similar question.

    After testing out the fits of several different Packing Cubes, I found that the Small Aeronaut Packing Cubes work the best. One Packing Cube should be sufficient for your t-shirt and towel, but if you so choose, you could fit two of them in the Ego's main compartment. The Small Aeronaut Packing Cube also fits pretty great in the Synapse 19.

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    Thanks for looking into this, Beau. I found this very informative.

    You guys at TB rock!

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    Thanks for the prompt reply and information. Order placed.

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