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Thread: New logo text

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken View Post
    Pre-2003 at least.
    Wow. That's a testament to how well these bags are made I guess. This ol' Ruck's Sac looks pretty good for 10+ years. TOM Bihn Backpack Laptop BAG Excellent Cond Priced TO Sell | eBay
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    Thanks Darcy ... Now I am gonna have to buy my third Synapse, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by greyhundr View Post
    I realize I'm digging up an old thread, but I had been wondering about the different TB logo tags. I have a number of organizer products with "Made in U.S.A." but I would much prefer the "Portable Culture" tags, especially on my PCSB's. When traveling outside the U.S., there are many places where it may not be the best idea advertise USA, even if it's just on a little label. My favorite tag on any of the products that I have is the Tri-Star tag.
    You can see pictures of quite a lot of the earlier TB logo tags if you look at Seikoguy's posts from November and December 2012 in the TB Anticipation Syndrome thread.

    This gets us into the topic of logos on stickers and luggage tags. I do like the "Portable Culture" phrase, and I have file folder icons on my laptop with the Tom Bihn logo and "Portable Culture" label courtesy of lpotr4's I heart Tom Bihn post from 2008, when he made these available from his web site for a short time (image from his post shown below).

    I also like the older sticker (from 2006), which had a different design for the plane above a mountain with a purplish background, and the words "Portable Culture". You can see an image in my post in the Tom Bihn Logo Luggage Tags thread from 2006. (The words, "Thank You for a Great Bag!" were added as an annotation).


    P.S. Sorry, I can't link directly to long web page threads and have this work correctly from Tapatalk, and there's no easy way to show the attached uploaded images separately without hand coding the forum compliant code to the address for each one. Just use the link to the TB Anticipation thread and move to dates at the end of November 2012.
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