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    Imago Buckle Strap

    Recently received my new imago and I love the bag. Having gone from an Id to an iPad ristretto and found that just a bit too constraining, the imago was the perfect compromise, plus I now had an excuse to buy another TB bag...

    Although the bag is fantastic, one small thing I'm curious if others have struggled with. The strap that buckles down the main flap I've found to be exceedingly long. As in when the flap is cinched down, it hangs about 6 inches below the bottom of the bag. Its not a matter of me keeping the bag overly empty either. I keep it pretty full. I don't think it's a goof either, as when you have to carry the odd large object which pushes out the flap that extra length is needed.

    The only reason this is a problem for me is when I walk... I hear a constant whap whap whap of the strap hitting the bottom of the bag. I noticed it but thought I was being paranoid... and then my girlfriend pointed out my noisy bag yesterday when walking.

    It doesn't need to be cut off, just secured. Anybody have any recommendations? Or has anybody else had the same issue?

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    Hello, Ombatay!

    I use my Imago every day, and sometimes have the same problem (when i don't carry too much). But the solution is right there: you can take the bit of strap trailing from the buckle and fold it up and put the end through one of the holes in the buckle (get the correct one so that the buckle will still open.). Try it, it will be clearer than trying to describe it in writing.

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    Thanks for posting this. I also have an Imago that I use nearly every day and also occasionally have this problem. Now that you say it, I can't believe I didn't see this solution before.

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