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    RFID Blocking Passport Pouch

    Does anyone own the RFID Blocking Passport Pouch? Looking for feedback on whether this should be a last minute add to my shopping cart before an upcoming overseas trip.

    Unfortunately the steel is on backorder and I also question the wisdom of putting sensitive documents/cards in a flashy color like UV, wasabi or iberian (especially if worn via the cord). I had planned to just keep everything in a cordura pouch.

    I've been many places and never had a RFID blocking bag on my radar as a critical item.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I would say that it is a really useful feature to have. UV or even Wasabi are not flashy but useful colors which enable you to see, at a glance, if you have packed your passport.

    Don't underestimate the chaos that is generated by security/customs/borders/gate checkpoints.

    If you wish to keep valuable secure, an All Fabric Pouch is the way to go.

    While many travel gurus insist that you have to keep the stuff on your person at all time, you can't.

    You will be asked to remove even security pouches because they will be visible in the xray/scanner.

    So putting your passport in its Pouch and clip it to your carry on and do the same with valuables Pouches seems to be the best way of going about this.

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    I have one in iberian. I used it when I flew to Mexico with my infant daughter, so it housed two passports. I didn't wear it around my neck but put it in a packing cube shoulder bag (that lived in one of the end Aeronaut pockets but that I pulled out and put at my feet during flights. And, obviously, pulled out at customs and such).

    I liked having it in the RFID pouch within the PCSB because A. it was easy to find (even though my PCSB was also in iberian!) and B. the passports didn't get mangled and separated like they probably would have if I'd just thrown 2 passports in the PCSB.


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    I have one in Steel. I have used it for all my international travel for about two years. I have got slack over the years and tend not to wear it on my body (partly for the reason backpack gave). When I travel with the kids it snugly holds 3 x 32 page passports, tethered inside my shoulder bag. It provides a good level of physical protection for its contents (in the sense of avoiding damage).

    Based on my Iberian and Wasabi OPs, I agree that neither colour would be as discreet as Steel if you were looking to conceal the pouch under your clothes, unless you happen to be Santa Claus, of course, in which case definitely get Iberian!

    It's a useful accessory that is definitely worth considering.

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