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    Cafe Bag Quandary

    I received a Medium Cafe Bag today and it was a bit smaller than anticipated. Although I am aware of the dimensions on the website, I read several "it's bigger than expected" comments. I'm vacillating between exchanging it for a Large Cafe Bag, or forcing myself to downsize my utilitarian errand bag.

    My question is for anyone who has a LCB & dyneema OPs. Will the large dyneema OP fit in the LCB without being awkward? I realize the LCB is 1" smaller but I thought a dyneema OP might be pliable enough to fold & fit at the top. The snake charmer goes in the MCB but it's super snug. Other than a medium OP, is there anything else that folks use to organize within a MCB?

    Love the Linen but that Nordic dyneema is starting to lure me. I tend to think the combo with ultraviolet in a Cafe Bag might be a little too much "zazz". For anyone with the the N/UV bag - is it as loud as Las Vegas neon?

    Thanks for the input.
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    hi RhoFro,

    the nordic dyneema / ultraviolet dyneema combination is just beautiful! i don't think it's too much zazz.

    the large organizer pouch will be a little big for the large cafe bag, in my opinion.

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    I have a Small Cafe Bag in Nordic/UV and it is exquisite.

    I don't like loud, that pair is very muted just like the time of the day when the darkest of purples and blues melt in the beauty of the sky.

    Frankly, it is all I can do to not order everything in Nordic/UV.

    Before I had my first Synapse last year and when I need to be more formal, my EDC is a Large Cafe Bag.

    The Large Pouch fit in the Large Cafe Bag in portrait mode.

    One has to take out the Large Pouch to removing documents from it, I wish Tom and the Crew made a Large Pouch with portrait closure. sort of like an oversized Pocket Pouch.

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    Yes, trade up!

    The LCB has the benefit of being able to hold more than the MCB when needed but it doesn't have to. Even only partially full, the LCB still looks good IMO.

    And like backpack says, the Large Pouch does fit in the LCB vertically.

    I don't have the Nordic/UV combo so can't speak to that, but on more than one occasion that I've debated between colors or styles, I'll order both and then return one. There's something about seeing things in person that seals the deal for me. That might just be me though

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    Quote Originally Posted by backpack View Post
    ....that pair is very muted just like the time of the day when the darkest of purples and blues melt in the beauty of the sky.
    Wow - what a beautiful description! Now I feel like I need something in Nordic/UV, too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by backpack View Post

    "...that pair is very muted just like the time of the day when the darkest of purples and blues melt in the beauty of the sky".
    So poetic, backpack! Now, I'm thinking I might just hit the BUY button on the Nordic/UV small cafe bag instead of waiting for the Steel Dyneema/steel version! 😁

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    The large OP does fit vertically in the LCB, and is definitely flexible enough to fold over if you were so inclined, but I don't really like using it in the LCB. The zipper runs horizontally, so I can't get into the OP without pulling it out.

    I have a homemade felted iPad case, medium OP, clear 3D cube and a small OP in mine. This combination fits nicely in the main compartment with room for a water bottle, shopping bag and smaller items (keys, etc). There is room left over for a book, (very) light jacket and random kids' stuff.

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