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    co-pilot stuff sacks

    I have noticed a few pictures of the co-pilot with 2-3 stuff sacks, looks neat, what size are they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rishi View Post
    I have noticed a few pictures of the co-pilot with 2-3 stuff sacks, looks neat, what size are they?
    Those are size#2 travel stuff sacks. Here's a post with some comparison pictures. The quarter size Specter cube is a little smaller than the 3D Clear Organizer Cubes, and like them can fit inside either of the two pockets inside the main compartment of the Co-Pilot. They can also go into either of the front side compartments. You can also view the pictures from the thread announcing the new mesh and Dyneema variants on the 3D Clear Organizer Pouch to see thes with the Co-Pilot. By the way, in my pictures showing the Co-Pilot and bags next to the Small Cafe Bag, don't be misled by the relative sizes of these bags seen flattened. The Co-Pilot holds about 25% more than the Medium Cafe Bag (10 liters vs. 8 liters), and much more than the Small Cafe Bag. It holds almost as much as the Large Cafe Bag, which is 11 liters in capacity. And it can "just" fit A4 paper inside. the problem is that you wouldn't want to carry single sheets inside the main compartment because, the tolerance is so close that you hit the curved corners and the fact that there's reinforced piping. I can fit a Rhodia A4 48 page notebook either inside the main compartment or in the outside back pocket of the Co-Pilot. Because this is a bound notebook, it fares better inside. if I were carrying a few loose sheets of A4 paper, I'd put them in the back outer pocket, which is flat, with no piping at the seams to stick out. But the pages go all the way to the edge, and sit a little bit above the bottom of the pocket because of the curved corners. It's that close a fit on my Co-Pilot. You might get better feedback from other UK users who have the Co-Pilot. I don't usually use it for A4 paper.

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    A4 paper would be a really tight fit. A4 paper is sized at 8.27 11.69 inches while the outside dimensions of the CoPilot is 10x12. I can't imagine having any hope of getting the paper in and out without significant wrinkling.

    It's a shame the inside dimensions aren't 12.1 inches because then my x230 would fit. I doubt that I could shave that .2 inch off my computer
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