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    Hack for band to attach Cafe Bag to wheeled bag handle?

    The more I contemplate the purchase of a Small Cafe Bag, the more tempted I am to get a Medium CB, too. (And according to your many comments, a LCB could also be in my future... ) I'd use the MCB as the personal carry on item for domestic air travel in addition to a wheeled carry on bag. How best to secure the MCB to the handle of the wheeled bag? I suppose the waist strap could serve as a pass-through band to attach the MCB to the larger wheeled bag, but I don't see using the strap otherwise.

    So, has anyone created a hack to secure your CB to the handle of wheeled luggage? I'd love to read your ideas. Thanks!

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    hamiltee, this might be goofy but, if you put a large split ring around each upright of the roller handle then you could put a key strap on each side of the cafe bag and attach the other end to the key ring. You should still be able to stow the rolling handle without the split rings getting in the way.

    You could also hook a bungee cord around one side of the roller handle, wrap it around the bag then hook the other end on the other side of the roller handle.

    Not sure either idea works in the real world but they work in my mind's eye.
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    Where there's a strap there's a way...

    photo 4 by theroundroom, on Flickr

    (the above is a Small Cafe Bag, btw)

    If you're lugging the CB much, you may find the waist strap very useful - I used a stuffed full ipad ristretto for my EDC around europe for 7 wks and found the waist strap really good to take some of the load off my shoulder.

    Of course you could get really silly and do this ..

    photo 3-1 by theroundroom, on Flickr
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    Thanks for the posts! I've placed my order for a SCB and aMCB. They'll be here next week (the wait!). Moose, I have a small bungee in my car, so I may give that a go. Thanks for the pictures, daisy. Always helpful to see it. I didn't get the waist strap, I still don't think I'd personally get much use from it, but I'll keep it mind. Could be an excuse to place another entire TB order. :-)

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