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    Western Flyer for Laptop + small cameras?

    For my current EDC, there's not a very good selection of bags in the marketplace. The Western Flyer looks like a good compromise especially considering it would also end up as my carry on bag when I fly, which is frequently.

    I'm having a difficult time judging whether the Western Flyer will be suitable for what I'm trying to carry:

    13" Macbook Air
    iPad Mini
    Mess of cables/harddrives/chargers/etc/etc/etc
    Some A4/Letter sized folders & magazines
    Olympus OM-D w/ 25mm 1.4
    (2) additional m4/3 lenses (they're all relatively tiny)
    Nikon V1 w/ 18.5mm 1.8

    Would also like room for a light change of clothes when used as a carry on bag (t-shirt, socks/underwear, lightweight shorts, maybe a light hoodie as well). I know they laptop+cameras+clothes will probably balloon the bag a little, which is fine, since it won't be all the time.

    So two rather small camera setups and a general laptop setup. This is my EDC and I'm usually going between a 2-bag carry, or a photo backpack that is way too big. I know I'll be in to sewing my own padded camera dividers if this would work out... if only there were a micro Camera I/O...

    The other kicker is that I would be using this in the backpack configuration all the time. Since the backpack straps seem like a secondary feature, I'm concerned that they may not be robust enough for every-day use.

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    I think the WF could work for what you describe, though it's perhaps not ideal because of the bulk created by two cameras plus the cables and lenses. If I was packing your haul into my WF, I'd probably try the following:

    Back compartment: MBA in Brain Cell, Cache, or sleeve of your choice; all clothing packed into a sleeve or cube, as flatly as possible; cables in a Snake Charmer or Eagle Creek tube cube; folders.

    Back compartment pockets: hard drive, SD cards, other relatively flat things.

    Front compartment 1: camera #1 and its lenses
    Front compartment 2: camera #2 and its lenses (alternatively, cameras in one compartment and lenses in the other)

    Outer pocket: iPad

    That would leave you with the small front outer pocket for miscellany.

    The Synapse 25 may be another option to consider, though it sounds like it may fall into the trap of the too-big camera bag situation you describe in your post.

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    I think it would work quite easily. I'd organize it much as Badger said but i think all the camera gear would probably fit in one side of the front compartment. My Fuji x10 which is much the size of your Nikon can be packed with a pair of woman's shoes in half of the front compartment.

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