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    Backpack for myself and my 7-year old son

    Hi gang,

    I currently use a Red Oxx Rockhopper sling back for when my son and I go out and around. But I'm not 100% pleased with it and want to make a change.

    I'd like a backpack. The typical stuff we'd carry would be 2 baseball mitts and a few balls, sweatshirt, extra socks, water bottle, snack, a couple of electronic gadgets, maybe a small towel. I am on the short side (5'6"). Your suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I believe the Synapse 19 would be perfect!

    Synapse 19 - iPad Backpack - Made in USA - TOM BIHN

    The upper most front pocket is a water bottle pocket.

    The one under a pocket for small things, either electronic or a small snack.

    The right or left side pockets are roomy enough for the extra socks and a small towel with room to spare.

    The other can be used for bigger snacks or bigger electronics.

    I believe 2 balls, maybe 3, could fit in the lower front pocket, but I am not a baseball expert. If not, they can fit in the main compartment and the lower pocket can be used for snacks or electronics.

    The sweatshirt and the mitts would fit in the main compartment.

    The Synapse 18, is a very versatile backpack, I own 2 in Dyneema and I also carried one in Cordura when I visited the showroom/factory in 2011.

    I bought the Dyneema because I fell in love with their colors, and I needed a very lightweight fabric for traveling with strict luggage weight airlines.

    I believe the Cordura would suit just as well if not more, for the activity you are planning. The bag can also be passed down to your 7 years old, who will thank you to have such a comfortable school bag.
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    For the bulkiness of your gear, I'd recommend the Smart Alec instead. Unlike others, the Tardis capabilities of the S19 never manifested for me. The SA is quite expansive but cinches down to hold the weight to your back with the bungee pulled in.

    And 5'6" is not short, as I'm just shy of the mark =D

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