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    Black Cordura on the Synapse 25


    I have a Synapse 19 in Cordura in the Olive Color. I love it . I am thinking of getting the 25, but am a little worried about Cordura in this dark color. The
    color looks great. But with this color how does it do with dirt etc. Seems like it might show dirt etc easily.

    Any comments?


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    brianw1234, I had the same concerns before buying my black Synapse 25, especially since I was getting it for initial use at a multi-day music fest held in the infield of a racetrack. I have NO regrets about choosing the black Cordura bag. It spent a lot of time at the fest sitting on sandy ground, which was wet the day we got drenched. I think the Cordura helped the bag sit upright on its own so I could reach in for something with one hand and not worry about it tipping over. I brushed the base of the bag off at the end of the fest and it looks brand new.

    Based on other reviews I was also concerned about dog hair. One of our dogs is 100 lbs and has coarse, light colored hair. I have looked closely at the bag for dog hairs and have yet to find one, even after putting the bag down on our carpet.

    Five days after the fest I had to make a quick out of town trip. I repacked the Synapse 25 with what I needed for travel, without cleaning the bag at all, and headed to the airport. The bag did not look dirty. My host had no qualms about me climbing in and out of herluxury car with my fest-tested bag!

    Based on my experience you will have no regrets buying the black bag.

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