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    Synapse 25 or Smart Alec for Photography Travel?

    I know that Synapse vs. Smart Alec has been discussed here and both sound like great bags. But I am wondering which would meet my needs better. When I travel with my camera(s), I like to use a dedicated padded camera pouch and put it inside of a day pack.

    My pouch is 10.2" X 9.2" X 5.5" deep. It holds my Canon 5D MarkIII and two lenses. From the dimensions given, the pouch would fit into either the Synapse 25 or Smart Alec.

    When I'm not using a day pack to transport my camera, I use it for day hikes. For that, I may be carrying 2 beach towels and a water bottle or typical day hiking stuff (first aid kit, snacks, jacket, bug spray) etc. Both bags are more than up for that job. So my question is...

    1. Will either of these bags fit under an airline seat? If so, which is easier to fit?
    2. Is either better suited than the other for hauling photo gear on airplanes?
    3. Has anybody else used either of these bags for photo gear?

    Advice would be appreciated!
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