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    water and material

    Putting any splashguard zips aside, does anyone have a thought on water repellency comparisons between Cordura and Ballistic? Maybe the answer is obvious, but thought I'd seek the wisdom of the whole. The question for me is do I take my Imago or Synapse 19 as a personal item for a trip to a land where the rainy season is nigh...volume difference is not all that important--I just want to have some sense of which will better ward off the drops..barring an out an out inundation in which case all bets are off, no matter.

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    I'd also like to add Dyneema to the mix if anyone has specific insights on how that seems to fair in the wet. Interested in both the 400d and 200d Dyneema as I'm trying to figure out what material to get a day bag/EDC-type bag in (Synapse in 400d, or Co-Pilot in 400d with a PCBP in 200d), or an Aeronaut/Tri-Star for the wife. Double thanks!
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    Dyneema seems pretty water resistant to me. The water beads up on it when spilled.

    The Cordura in my cafe bag is backed by some sort of plastic film on the inside, so water doesn't go through it easily. The outside will definitely soak up the water and remain wet for a while. I'm not sure if that's the same fabric used on the other bags.

    I can't tell if the nylon used in my Tri-Star has the same plastic backing, but it held up well in a rainy trip, although I was not out in the rain for more than a minute or two at a time, getting on and off buses, etc. It doesn't seem to soak up the water, but it doesn't bead like Dyneema either.

    If you are that concerned about rain, just get some DWR (durable water repellent) spray or treatment and apply it to the bag. I use Granger's spray-on treatment. Works great. You can read various backpacking forums for their reviews of the various DWR treatments--Granger's came out consistently in the top three.

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