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    Second carry on bag for day trips with dslr

    I have an Aeronaut that I recently took on a trip to Europe. It was great on the flights, trains and walking to / fro hostels. I really like these Tom Bihn bags.
    I am looking for a second smaller bag.
    - I want to use it as a day bag with a DSLR /w attached lens and one extra lens maximum, a water bottle, few maps, sunglasses, a thin jacket and a couple of energy bars. Protection for the camera and lens are not necessary since I have pouches for them.
    - Easy access to the camera would be great, but I'd also want comfort. I'll easily be spending 6-8 hours walking / commuting a day when traveling.
    - I'd want to put the bag into the aeronaut for some european flights that have a strict 1 bag carry on limit, at least temporarily till I get to my seat.

    I was considering either the co pilot or the synapse 19/25 or the smart alec.
    The backpack style is definitely more comfortable but harder to access the camera and I wouldn't be too comfortable with it behind me in crowded cities with pickpockets and bag slashers. Also with a backpack, I wouldn't be able to carry my aeronaut on my back too (which is very useful at airports and train stations), but maybe I could stuff the backpack into the aeronaut for those situations.

    Which brings me to the co pilot. I am not sure if this is big enough for what I want to put in it. Also, I wonder how comfortable it will be hauling all that for 8 hours on day trips. (I do have the absolute strap though).

    I can't seem to make up my mind. Any advice would be helpful !


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    I'm going through the same decision-making process with which of the two to bring on an upcoming trip. Both great bags. Honestly, the Co-Pilot might be a tight fit for the jacket + DSLR + lens + bottle. But, yeah, carrying two backpacks is awkward, and the Aeronaut can get heavy on the shoulder. On the other hand, if you are wearing the jacket or keeping the camera around your neck (maybe with a slash-proof cord from Pacsafe?) it is possible.
    I agree that a shoulder bag is better for an urban area.

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    If you want to go the backpack route I can highly suggest the Synapse 19 or 25, I own both

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    I think the Synapse 19 would work okay for you. I put a Canon Rebel with a 24-70 2.8 lens with hood attached in the main compartment sideways and it fit. It also hold my light weight fleece jacket. All together, I'm not sure how it would fit in another bag, but as a day pack it should be good.

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    Thanks for the suggestions! It's down to the co pilot vs synapse 19. I think I could just wear the jacket and fit everything else into the co pilot.

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