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    Dyneema Side Effect fabric question

    I've been interested in getting a Dyneema Side Effect. In reading the SE page I noticed the following: under the materials section it says ultralight 200d Dyneema/200d nylon ripstop with 200 denier Dyneema/nylon ripstop fabric lining.

    This would lead me to belive the exterior fabric is the lighter weight Dyneema. Then, under in the specifications section it tells me it is 400d Dyneema 420d nylon ripstop.

    I know next to nothing about fabric weights and 200 vs 400 and so on. I do know that my Synapse 25 is a heavier weight fabric than some of my other Dyneema bags.

    Is the SE exterior the heavier or lighter weight fabric? I presume the interior is the lighter weight Dyneema but if someone could confirm that for me I'd appreicate it.

    Thanks everyone,
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    I don't have a Dyneema SE, but pictures from the website and my powers of deduction lead me to suspect that the exterior 200d. Wasabi and Solar are, to my knowledge, only available in 200d, and Steel in 400d looks distinctly different from the SE pictures on the product info page.

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    I'd guess Badger is correct about this. I ordered a Solar (Dyneema) Side Effect for the 4th of July, along with a Solar 3D Organizer Cube (on back order), so I'll be able to compare this with the Cordura (Aubergine/Wasabi) Side Effect. I do already have one of the Steel Dyneema 3D a organizer cubes, so I think the fabric texture will be similar. This is a convenient size for use in the Co-Pilot. (Just wish they still carried the 16" key straps in Cordura colors, but I already have some of these from earlier orders.)

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    Just got mine on Friday (steel dyneema exterior with wasabi interior) and the outside is the lighter weight dyneema. I love it already.

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    The materials sections of the page was correct, the Side Effect does have the 200d Dyneema/Nylon Ripstop material (lighter weight) as the exterior and interior fabric. I hope that helps answer your question!
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