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    How To: store small items in an organizer pouch/wallet

    Hello everyone! I am the recent recipient of a Clear Organizer Wallet in lovely Kiwi ballistic nylon and I thought I would share my technique for wrangling all the small and fragile items like SIM cards and SD cards that are constantly getting lost and misplaced. For this DIY project you will need a hotel key card/old gift card and some small rubber ponytail elastics, they come in packs of about a trillion for a dollar or so.
    How To: store small items in an organizer pouch/wallet-image-jpg
    Wrap the elastic bands around the key card in a pattern that suits the items you are looking to store, I did most of my wraps around the long axis of the card first. The vertical wraps help keep tension in the elastics wrapped around items.
    How To: store small items in an organizer pouch/wallet-image-jpg
    Insert your item and voila! Wallet sized, double sided grid-it! Shown is 3 SD cards, 2 SIM cards and 2 mini SIM cards, not shown on the back is an iPad camera connection kit.
    How To: store small items in an organizer pouch/wallet-image-jpg

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    Must try this! Thanks for sharing!
    I really, really like TB Bags!

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    Hey, that's really nice! I also saw this, for those of you who prefer wider bands of elastic - How to make your own custom pocket grid organizer - YouTube

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    Sheer genius. For me its the multiple SIM cards and micro SIM ejection tools that are hard to keep track of. Will surely give this a try!
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    That is a genius idea.

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