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    Super Ego Stripes

    We are getting my daughter a Super Ego as a gift and she is having a hard time deciding on stripe color. She will be ordering the steel/black/wasabi. Does anyone have any pictures of their bag with stripes that they would be willing to post? She is considering the Plum, Yellow Vinyl (concern about how that will hold up as she is a band director), or a blue color...not sure what blues are currently available in re to the "color wheel" that is shown.

    Thanks for such an enjoyable forum!


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    Super Ego Stripes-imageuploadedbytapatalk1374336115-719223-jpg

    Mine is black/navy/wasabi with a cork stripe.

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    I have a black/navy/wasabi Ego with the reflective stripe - I also bought a navy stripe when I got the bag but have never been moved to install it (I really don't know why I ordered it, I'm not normally so conservative)

    you can see it at the top of this picture - not a great shot of the bag but the best I have atm colourwise.

    Tom Bihn Ego contents
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