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    Tri-star & DSLR (Camera I/O or similar) Suggestions?

    First posting here. I've been a TB fan and user of laptop bags for some time now, and I'm getting ready to replace some of my luggage and started looking at the travel bag solutions.

    I'm trying to figure out the minimal setup I can utilize to travel with the following packing requirements:

    4 - 5 days business attire (shirt & pants / no jacket) - Can get away with 2 - 3 pairs of pants, but need 5 shirts.
    One pair of shoes.
    One extra outfit (t-shirt & jeans for winter / shorts for summer).
    Light toiletries (fits in 3-1-1 requirements).
    Underwear / socks / undershirts for 4 - 5 days.
    Canon DSLR + 2 lenses + Speedlite flash.

    This should all fit in one bag. I would ideally like to buy a Tri-star, but I was wondering how people handled the DSLR in this case. Will the Camera I/O fit inside the middle compartment? I might consider the Aeronaut, but ideally would like to keep things smaller if possible.

    Has anyone travelled with similar requirements on this bag? Ideally the DSLR and lenses would be in a removable bag, in case of the "forced" gate check / checked to final destination plane full situation (which has happened numerous times) so I can easily carry and stow it under the seat. If the Camera I/O doesn't work, are there any suggestions for something that would fit inside the Tri-star, and still stow the camera gear?

    The above is the requirements for my main travel bag. I will also be carrying a Ristretto for my laptop / kindle / chargers / etc, but it will be full and can't take anything from the above list. Occasionally I will travel with my Checkpoint Flyer, but it's too big for most trips unless I need to carry multiple laptops, so I don't want to count on having the space available.



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    I'm pretty sure that you will be able to fit the Camera I/O into the middle compartment with your load-out. Here's the deal--it depends on the flexibility of your clothing. The center compartment is Dyneema on both sides and 3" thick, if the walls are straight-up-and-down. The I/O is 3.75" thick, so it'll cause the center compartment to bulge.

    Now, provided your clothes in the rear compartment are able to bend around this, I think you'll be fine. In my case, I use a Eagle Creek Pack-It stuffed with about the same amount of business clothes: 3 shirts, two slacks, ties, jacket. It does not bend easily and is quite thick, stuffing the back compartment fully. (I have pretty much the same remaining stuff as you in the front: one pair dress shoes, toiletries, underwear, socks, belt, electronics.)

    Your situation will be a bit different, since you'll likely put no clothes in the middle with the I/O and will try to put all the clothes in the rear compartment. At this point, it comes down to how flat your stuff folds and then of course how it will bend around the bulge caused by the I/O. Pick thinner shirts and slacks...

    I think it also depends heavily on the size and bulk of your shoes. If they are rigid patent leather dress shoes like mine (size 10), the front compartment suddenly becomes a problem pressing on the middle compartment. However, the Tri-Star is 18.5" inside, and the I/O is 14" outside, so if you push the I/O all the way to one end, the shoes can kind of slot in above that by about 4.5". Pushed to one end, though, means the I/O will be a tighter fit with its 3.75" jammed into the 3" width of the middle compartment, if you can imagine what I'm talking about in 3D.

    Hope that helps!
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