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    How do you use your Clear Organizer Wallet?

    Ms Ferret's recent thread on using the Clear Organizer Wallet for knitting needles got me thinking. I threw an Organizer Wallet into an order recently (well, the order is going to Australia so it's important to get maximum value out of that shipping charge!) but I haven't used it yet because I can't decide what it wants to be. Of course, it could just be, er, a wallet. But the possibilities seem more varied and exciting than that!

    I am thinking of testing it out as a divided pouch for USB flash drive, mifi and a retractable Ethernet cord.

    Or maybe it's a super organised first aid kit (separating dressings from meds etc).

    How do you use yours?

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    Rather uninspiring, but I use mine as a wallet. :-) Right now it mostly "occasional" things that I keep in whatever my EDC instead of the small Coach wallet that's on me. Library card, loyalty cards, car insurance, CAA card, receipts from the day, etc.

    It did briefly hold some gym electronics I had, but I need something a little bigger to fit my heart rate monitor chest strap too, instead of having that separately kept outside the pouch/wallet.

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    I have two.

    One is a mini booboo kit (FAK) which goes with me whenever I have more than pocket carried stuff.
    The other holds the membership/shopping/credit cards that I don't routinely carry with me.
    List under construction ....

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    Ha! This thread just reminded me that I use mine to carry non-routine cards, business cards and a forgotten Tool Logic card w/ blade. I just took that thing through TSA checkpoints 4 times. I am sooo lucky.
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