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Thread: Cadet Colors

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    Cadet Colors

    Are there any plans to expand the Cadet colors?

    It used to be offered in a wide array of colors, now it's mostly black. I was curious if y'all are just between batches, so to speak, or if you're not planning to offer the Cadet in multiple colors any more. The hubs has a birthday this fall and I'd been thinking about a navy Cadet...

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    There are no plans to expand the colors of Cadet -- for the remainder of this year, anyhow. Depending on when his birthday is this fall, there might be some new stuff debuting around then...
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    how about the inside of the cadet? I would love a black-iberian and even better, a black-solar option. I already have the small cadet in black iberian and would like to buy the bigger cadet in black, but currently the only high contrast color lining option is wasabi, so i keep on browsing and do not buy. As I am located in Europe I don't want to go into just ordering and see if I like the wasabi with the option to return, because of the shipping costs and duties. I know I like the iberian and solar (good news that solar was reintroduced by the way).

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