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    Does anyone use a TriStar as a briefcase and computer bag

    Let me explain the reason for the question.

    I am semi-retired, but have signed on for a 4 to 6 month gig as a consultant. I'm responsible for all my own supplies and equipment, although the client does provide (floating) office space and a desktop computer. So my requirement is really more for a portable office than a traditional briefcase.

    So with a freudian slip and some small bags to hold other stuff, would the TriStar I already have be an answer?

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    I think it would be perfect!

    I used the Brain Bag in that manner with a Vertical Freudian Slip and the Tristar is almost the same size, except it looks more like a briefcase.

    If you need to take along a laptop, the Tristar has the perfect center compartment and Tom Bihn sells the marvellous Cache.

    I would suggest the Large Pouch for paperwork, a Mini Pouch or Clear Organizer Wallet to manage Flash drives and cards and either the Snake Charmer or the Clear Quarter Packing Cube to wrangle the inevitable cables.

    Here is the link to the Accessories page Accessories - Organizational Accessories - TOM BIHN

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    I recently bought a Western Flyer over the Tristar, precisely because I wanted to use it as both a travel bag and a briefcase upon arrival. I made the choice, even though I liked the tripartite division of the Tristar, because others on the forum indicated that the Tristar was a little large to serve as a briefcase.

    The WF works well for me as a briefcase, and is particularly handy when I have to carry more than one laptop or lots of other gear.

    So unless you need to carry a portable office [I]and[I] a couple of days worth of clothes, the WF might be a better choice for you.

    You can check on the forums for pictures comparing the Tristar and the WF. Just looking at the dimensions doesn't really give you a good idea of the size.

    good luck!

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