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    Western Flyer with luggage strap

    just bought a copilot in nordic and will be taking it to hawaii in a few days. Now also looking at a bigger carryon
    For future trips. usually travel with Briggs Riley 22 inch roller which I check, and a tote bag which I carry on.
    Looking at the WF, love the idea of nordic with UV interior, but prefer to slip over a roller suitcase ratherthan use as a backpack.

    1. All the ones with luggage strap have steel interior. Any plans for more dyneema exteriors with non-steel interior for luggage strap.

    2. Anyone who has one... Looks like slipover luggage handle is off center from bag, is this a problem?

    3. Am actually thinking about buyingone with backpack straps, then removing the backpackstraps. bad idea?

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    I wouldn't get the straps only to remove them. They do tuck away so you'll never even know they are there. The steel interior really is quite nice too.
    Just my two cents worth,
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    The luggage sleeve has zips at the bottom so you can adjust the width to fit your telescoping handles. It's off centre but this isn't an issue IME given most dual pole telescoping handles have a reasonably standard spacing. It would not, however, fit over poles that were positioned at the outer edges of a rolling bag (too widely spaced).

    I agree with Moose about cutting off the backpack straps.

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    I echo the sentiment not to cut the straps off. I did that several years ago to a bag that could be used as a backpack, vertical messenger bag, and vertical briefcase if you take off the shoulder strap. It was a mistake. It made sense at the time but in retrospect, it was a dumb thing to do. You will regret it if you do it.

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    MrDaisy has a WF with rolling luggage sleeve and hasn't found any issues with the symmetry.

    (his rolling case is a Delsey hard sided spinner, approx 25 inches)
    List under construction ....

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