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    Carrying Aeronaut with wheeled Pelican case

    Hi there. Iíve done a lot of research on the Aeronaut and it seems to be almost perfect for my needs. The only feature itís missing is a sleeve to put over the handle of rolling luggage. When I travel for work, I have to carry a lot of heavy equipment in a Pelican case and thus need a bag for my personal gear that works with that. (I also carry a daypack, which I need for work, so I canít put the Aeronaut on my back.) I looked at the Western Flyer, but the capacity is too small for the trips I take, which can last weeks or months. I was thinking that I might be able to slip the Aeronaut backpack straps over the Pelican case handle to hold it in place. Has anyone tried that with the Aeronaut? I know there are bungee cord-type straps that I can buy to hook on the bag, but my Pelican case doesnít lend itself to that. Does anyone have any other suggestions that could make the Aeronaut work for this purpose? Thank you!

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    If you're just talking about the airport, what about wearing the day pack on your front? It is functional, and the way I carry my Aeronaut on my back with the Synapse 19 on my front. Not sexy, but it works (for me).

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    The Aeronaut backpack straps might work the way you suggest. Haven't tried it myself and can't remember for sure how snug they'll tighten, but seems like a good idea.

    The other option would be to get some some spare buckles and fashion a short retainer strap. The backpack straps connect to two female side-release buckles at the two "bottom" corners of the Aeronaut, and these are accessible all the time. So, you could get two male buckles from the spare parts here, and a length of webbing to go between them - either sew it up to the right length or just double it through the buckles tightly (maybe with a couple ladder locks). Then you can slide this down over the Pelican case handle to secure the bottom of the bag, and use something to tie off or otherwise secure the end handle on the "top" to the Pelican case handle. You could make another strap with both a male and female buckle to loop through the Aeronaut handle and around the Pelican one and snug it down, or you could just use a bungee or something similar.

    Another option would just be to get some lashing straps and snug them around the entire bag and Pelican handle. Little more of a hassle, but should work.

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