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    My first Tom Bihn products and now I need a bag to put them in

    I've bought Tom Bihn stuff as gifts but never purchased anything for myself... But this morning, I ordered a Cache - Vertical 2S, a Braincell - horizontal 2S, and a Cache for ipad mini (which I will put an asus memopad hd7 in...)

    So now, the question is, what bag do I put those bags in! - The cache will fill fit in most bags, but the brain cell is proving more complicated. The size 2s measures about 15" long by 13" tall with a depth of 3" The Super Ego and the tri-star are listed as possible choices. I don't need something like the tri-star since I already own air boss and the super-go seems too big.

    Has anyone put a horizontal 2s in a western flyer? other suggestions? Thanks!

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    There's a guide that's handy for determining what brain cells fit in what bags. Not sure if it's 100% accurate, but:

    Which bags fit the Brain Cell?

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