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    Curious what you mean by "dummy" cards? I like this idea for European travel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bltkmt View Post
    Curious what you mean by "dummy" cards? I like this idea for European travel.
    Cards which at a quick glance could pass for credit cards. Do not use expired real Visa/Mastercard/Amex credit cards which are still active; they can still be defrauded or used for identity theft. I use a couple old regional department store credit cards from stores that no longer exist (they wouldn't know that overseas) and are no longer on my credit history up front, then pack a couple old (do not use your current) hotel key cards behind it for thickness. Make sure the cash is reasonably visible so they don't immediately think you're tossing them a fake.

    Another good tip is to have a low limit credit card that you only really use while travelling. Limits the damage they can do if you card is lost or defrauded.
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