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    How to Stretch a Cache

    I recently ordered a vertical Cache for my 13" MacBook Air, which is enclosed in an Incase Hardshell Case (specifically the black frost variety with the soft touch coating). Due to the case's additional thickness, aforementioned coating, or possibly a combination of the two, the laptop is very difficult to insert and remove from the cache. Does anyone have any recommendations on a method to stretch the width of the cache ever so slightly? Thanks!

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    One trick you might try is to wrap the laptop in several layers of plastic wrap and then leave it in the cache for a few days to see if it might stretch the material out. I’ve used this successfully with other materials, but not with the actual item in question.

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    I have a MacLock case on my 13" MacBook Air, and I use the vertical Cache also. I sometimes put a few papers in with the laptop {once the laptop is already inside the cache} and it works for me. It is near impossible to insert the papers at the same time as the computer, though. I was used to an Incase sleeve that I had with my former 13" Macbook, and it takes a little bit of time to adjust to the tighter nature of the Cache. I have a routine of putting the laptop in the same way every time, so that the MacLock is facing out at the top left, and perhaps this has shaped it a bit.
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    Time and number of uses will stretch it but you don't want the Cache to be too stretched because it is its tight fit that actually makes the closure work, I think.

    I would agree with wrapping the laptop and case in a plastic (like the biodegradable ones that are used for fruits and vegetables or for dog, hem presents or even as a waste basket liner) when you are done for the day and slide it inside the Cache.

    Then, after you do that, make sure to place the Cache inside your TB bag for the day.
    I would be nervous about the slipperyness of the plastic and the eventuality that it would slide off too easily, in the mist of the hectic getting ready in the morning.

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