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    The 3D Clear Organizer Cube Brainbuster

    So, my first 3D clear organizer cube arrived today. I was surprised to see wasabi dyneema on the inside-bottom, when the rest of the cube is ultraviolet dyneema. When I looked at the stock photos again, it looked like perhaps 'green' is the go-to bottom lining color. Could I have stumbled on to some Tom Bihn secret? Oh the mystery and intrigue!

    I have to say, I like the ultraviolet and wasabi together. A puzzle and a pleasant surprise. And my photobombing pup agrees

    The 3D Clear Organizer Cube Brainbuster-3d-1-jpgThe 3D Clear Organizer Cube Brainbuster-3d-2-jpg
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    LOL! I just got my first clear UV pouch a few days ago, and I was so busy seeing what I could fit into it, I didnt even notice the wasabi! Mine is exactly like yours. Actually I had debated about whether I wanted UV or wasabi.

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    ... Now I need to go find my UV clear organizer cube! Toiletry organization be damned!
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    Mine is Azalea and from memory it has a Wasabi cordura lining! I think you may be onto something, kkintea!

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    It seems that the 3D Packing Cube needs two layers of fabric to achieve its stability, the lighter Wasabi might be a fabrication tool of the trade.

    It might be that the persons who sew the components together knows that Wasabi = inside fabric, it might makes the sewing assembly line faster.

    It also save remnants of limited edition Cordura fabric such as Azalea and Turquoise.

    I checked the pictures of all the Cordura colors and indeed, all of them have Wasabi lining, but it isn't visible on the Navy 3D Packing Cube.

    Since the 3D Packing Cube was created primarily to be a 3-1-1 bag, it seems logical for it to have a light lining.
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    Mine is Azalea also. I just went and looked and it has a Wasabi cordura lining. I never noticed.
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