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    Amazon Paperwhite

    I was curious what Tom Bihn pouches/caches work best for the new Amazon Paperwhite? I see there is a Kindle Fire pouch and assorted other options, but was just curious if anyone had any specific experience.

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    I keep mine in a sleeve I bought elsewhere (made by Fintie), which wraps it like a book and makes it easier to extract from my bag and read one-handed on the train. It also has a magnet that 'wakes' the Paperwhite when opened.

    The Kindle, in case, fits nicely into my Side Effect.
    Here is a thread showing how a few of us carry our kindles.

    (By the way, these photos are from the last generation of Paperwhite, but I'd imagine they are similar in size.)

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    I use a padded zip pouch (medium) which works very well.

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    I wondered about that a while back. Thanks to the friendly forumites, my spouse ended up getting a Fintie case. He's been happy with it.

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