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    Bike commuting with a Smart Alec?

    Hey guys. Curious to hear thoughts from anyone that bike commutes with a Smart's the comfort? Does your back get sweaty? If it's full, does the bag's pretty large horizontal profile (ie, it juts out pretty far from your back) cause you to sway? I love the idea of using it with the Glowire at night, but I'm concerned about this stuff. Thanks!

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    The SMart ALec is the one bag I don't have! but, I can speak for both size Synapses. They're both very comfortable, and I imagine the Smart Alec is even more so. I've never packed a bag heavy enough to affect my balance. Is that what you mean by sway? As for sweaty back, just as I've never had a bag that sways, I've also never had one that doesn't make your back sweat. If you're really concerned about that, get panniers It's actually nice in the winter, like having a mini heater strapped to you. I'll take a sweaty back over a strained shoulder from one-strap carry any day!

    I do still want a Smart Alec. Get one!

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    I have a post/picture somewhere about this. My Smart Alec was super heavy and I was a little unsure about turns and such, but am not a regular rider.

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