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    Nexus 7 in a Kindle pouch?

    Anyone ever use the zip top Kindle/keyboard pouch to hold a Nexus 7? Have the new model in a slim cover/case and wonder if it would fit... The slim case works well when it is out and being used, but it makes me nervous to just chuck it in the bag like that...

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    It should. if you want to hedge your bets the Nook Color pouch is slightly taller so it should definitely work.
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    Not sure if this helps, but here's a Nexus 7 on top of a medium padded pouch:

    Nexus 7 in a Kindle pouch?-_20131211_074338-jpg

    The measurements for the medium padded pouch are
    External Dimensions - 10.3" x 7" / 260 x 180 mm
    The Kindle pouch is
    External Dimensions: 6.9" x 9.5" / 175 x 240 mm
    While the colour pouch adamki linked to is
    NOOK Color™ or Tablet™ Pouch - 6.7" x 9.8" / 170 x 250 mm
    The measurements on the TB site are external (edge-to-edge), and you also have to take the zipper into account. If holding the tablet upright (portrait), width-wise is fine for either pouch. Height-wise is closer, but based on a quick check with a ruler, the Kindle pouch should still fit.

    [Edit] Missed the part where you were using a case, but I think it would still be ok.
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