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    Suspending a camera from the shoulder straps of the Synapse

    Has anyone figured out how to suspend a camera from the shoulder straps of a Synapse? the camera is suspended on the front of your body....

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    When I'm hiking or going about traveling and wanting my camera at the ready (canon g-15) whether I'm using either of my synapse's or guides pack I always have a dyneema side effect ready in front with a waist strap. The camera has a wrist strap attached rather than an annoying neck strap. I thought of hanging it somehow originally but decided to go more the stealth mode.

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    Maybe a split ring on each strap then key straps attached to them and the camera would work.
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    A little more pricey but very cool: Peak Designs Capture

    Adorama link

    Alternately you could go down to the camera store and get a few quick connect strap ends to connect to the sternum strap or this gizmo from op/tech which also happen to be the fine folks who make the absolute strap for TB. They also have a few other options

    And if none of those strike your fancy, you can always DIY something similar out of TB parts.

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    I use a camera strap made to do exactly that.

    I am pretty sure it is the same company that makes the Absolute Strap?!

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