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    What's in store for the Checkpoint Flyer update?

    I own a Checkpoint Flyer and love it. Been wanting to buy a new cache for a new Macbook Pro but they are not available for order due to a new model coming soon. Can anyone tell me what will be coming? And will the new inserts fit the old bags?

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    I've been considering the purchase of a checkpoint flyer, too, so am hoping the updated version appears soon. Anyone know the timeline for that now that the pilot is out?

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    A year ago, I asked about the new version of the Checkpoint Flyer and the TB crew provided this info:


    The front of the new Checkpoint Flyer will look very similar to the front of the current Checkpoint Flyer. What's changing is the capacity/volume, the laptop sleeve, and how it works as a "checkpoint friendly" bag.

    Instead of the trifold "checkpoint friendly" design that the current Checkpoint Flyer has, the new version will have a "checkpoint friendly" slide-in, slide-out design. Two Gatekeeper clips inside of the back compartment are designed to secure the of the new Cache for Checkpoint Flyer sleeve to two vertical pieces of webbing sewn into the Checkpoint Flyer. When passing through a TSA checkpoint, you can easily slide your laptop (still in its protective Cache for Checkpoint Flyer) out of the Checkpoint Flyer for X-ray inspection; your laptop remains protected and attached to the Checkpoint Flyer. This is very similar to the way that our Cadet checkpoint friendly briefcase works.

    As for when the new Checkpoint Flyer will come out, I believe it was scheduled for middle of last year. However, I think the it got delayed with the new Founder's Briefcase and Guide Pack (together with so many other things - Synapse 25, Pilot, revised Smart Alec, etc)!.

    Now, IMHO, with the new Founder's Briefcase being TSA friendly together with all the backpacks, TriStar and Pilot, I wonder if a new Checkpoint Flyer is needed. If the new rail system was installed on new Empire Builders and Zephyrs, it would make them checkpoint friendly as well. In fact, I have been entertaining sewing in (or getting a tailor to sew in) the two webbing loops into all my other bags (e.g. Zephyr) to accept the cache with rails. Then, I could get a cache with rails and gatekeeper clips and make my older TB bags checkpoint friendly.

    For me, however, the "issue" I have with the current TSA friendly cache setups is that they are not protective enough for me (I am accident prone so I am looking for drop protection in addition to the "bump" and "scratch" protection provided by the cache). The superior laptop protection (equivalent to a hard case IMHO) provided by the Brain Cell is what originally drew me to Tom Bihn - I have seen in tests that it reduces the G-force in drop impacts by around 17% alone - even more in a bag like the Checkpoint Flyer or Empire Builder/Zephyr which has padding built in as well.

    I would actually like to see a TSA friendly option for Brain Cells.

    Hope this helps

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    If you look at the Cadet, that would seem to be a newer version of what the Checkpoint Flyer was in the pre-MacBook Air era.
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