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    EDC bag made from dyneema?

    Greetings TB Forum Folks,

    After much encouragement from my friend tCook, I am taking the plunge into the Tom Bihn pool. Well I say plunge, I'm coming in from the shallow end (in part because I can't decide between an aeronaut & a tristar - but that's a different post). I have however managed to decide on my first TB bag...The Pilot.

    I've even managed to pick the interiorcolor, solar. But when it comes to the exterior, I require some advice and input. I'm torn (no pun intended) between navy cordura and nordic dyneema. I really like the appearance of the dyneema but wonder about its durability in an EDC bag. I had a look at what I normally carry and came up with the following list (with a view to weight, have no doubt it'll all fit). It doesn't have to go anywhere too intrepid, I'm an academic & a curator so it's usually a circuit with some mix of tram, office, lecture hall, library, museum & archive, no climbing up mountainsides or jumping out of helicopters. Just wanted to get some thoughts from anyone who uses a dyneema bag as their EDC especially for work

    Workday EDC list
    Car keys, house & office keys (2 separate key rings)
    iPad mini in Dodocase
    MacBook Air (13") in padded sleeve + power cord
    Leuchturm notebook
    Lecture/ Teaching notes in a plastic sleeve
    Pencil case stuffed with pens, pencils, stylus and way too many (5) USB key drives
    1TB USB drive (about the size of a cassette tape for those who remember those )
    Small bag(soon to be 3-D mesh cube) with painkillers, eye drops, throat lozenges, lipbalm and tin of altoid mints
    2 pairs of glasses in cases
    Headphones (full size ish but foldable)
    1-2 library books (more and I tend to put them in a separate bag)
    Water bottle
    Cliff bar
    Bagel or a sandwich
    When it's cold: scarf, wool cap, gloves, extra sweater.

    Thanks in advance for the borrowed wisdom

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    Well, it's not an EDC bag in the same sense, but I use my Dyneema knitting stuff sacks every single day. Even the one that is almost six years old (it gets the heaviest use because it's solar, my favourite) is going strong. It has become somewhat more pliable than my newer stuff sacks, but that's the only wear-and-tear difference I can find. (Another difference: years of heavily-dyed yarn running through the yarn guide have discoloured the edge of the drawstring opening. I consider that character.) My smallest needles sometimes poke through but the holes seal themselves and I'd be hard-pressed to find them now.

    Exterior bag fabrics are the heavier Dyneema than the stuff sacks, so they'd be even tougher. I can't imagine the bag wearing out for - literally - decades, even with daily use. Unless you were dragging it down a gravel road behind your car or something.

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    I don't use a dyneema "edc" bag either however I do use a shop bag almost daily - as a general tote type thing ... and it gets put down wherever .... my nordic one looks like new - I use the steel and UV ones a bit less but they look great also.
    List under construction ....

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    I've ordered a dyneema Pilot, but I wonder if the cordura might be a good option for EDC. Perhaps it would have more structure to sit politely upright on a table or floor as you move from place to place? I have 3 bags in that navy cordura, and I love the fabric.

    My Zephyr in cordura is sturdy and so practical. I load it with heavy, oversized books for teaching, and it never complains. The Absolute strap makes a huge difference when I'm taking many books and materials to class. The Zephyr is too big for my upcoming trip to Rome, so I'm hoping the lightweight Dyneema Pilot will be a good solution.

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    I EDC a Dyneema Synapse 19. Works great, holds up extremely well. My bag looks like new still!
    Black/Steel TS, Black/Steel A45, Black Dyneema/Wasabi A30, Black/Black/Steel Brain Bag, Black/Steel Co-Pilot, Black/Steel Pilot, Black/Steel Synapse 19, Black Dyneema/Wasabi Synapse 19, Black/Steel Cadet 11, Black/Steel Imago, Black Dyneema DLBC and DLBP, Black Dyneema/Wasabi MCB, Navy/Cayenne and Black/Solar SCB, Black/Wasabi and Navy/Iberian SE and many pouches in various sizes.

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    Hi Meg,

    Welcome to the forum!

    The 400d dyneema is a great fabric! I think it's a great choice for your edc because it cleans up very easily! Indeed, the 1050d ballistic nylon is tougher, but it all depends on what abuse you intend to inflect on your bags. If I might be put in a situation where I have to check in a bag, I think I would prefer 1050d ballistic. If weight was a concern, I would pick the 400d dyneema. Otherwise I would give the 400d dyneema and the 1050d ballistic equal consideration.

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    I use a dyneema synapse 19 as my EDC to and from campus. It's really tough material and I wouldn't hesitate to use it for a daily work bag.

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    Maverick's advice is correct. I think that if I wanted a bag that I were checking, I'd order the Ballistic Nylon, which is more abrasion resistant if they actually toss your bag around and drag it along the ground. (I don't mean to be cynical, but I've seen some of the operations in baggage handling.) I intend to use the Pilot as a personal carryon that I don't expect to subject to this kind of treatment as part of its use, so I feel OK with ordering the 400d Dyneema. (I have the Synapse backpack in this material, the Swift Knitting Bag, and the Side Effect in 400d Dyneema.) I intend to use the Pilot both packed inside of my other luggage (e.g. the Tri-Star, which I have in the Ballistic Nylon version), and as a separately carried item. So for my purposes I'd prefer the lighter weight and flexibility of the Dyneema when packed inside my luggage, and I think it will be sufficiently durable for times when I separately hand-carry this item.

    I've also used the Cadet (which is Ballistic Nylon and additionally reinforced and padded), and for a laptop the size and weight of the 13" MacBook Air, I don't feel that I need this amount of protection in addition to the shell and cache that I use around the laptop.



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    Thanks all, I really appreciate the feedback/help!

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