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    Bag Thoughts/Suggestions For A Technician...

    I am a commercial food service technician, and travel internationally on a weekly basis to train local technicians, make repairs, supervise installations, etc...

    I have had a super ego.. but it was too big...
    I switched to a brain bag..but it did not do well in the field..

    I currently have a Synapse 25, and it has been ok so far...but the lack of a padded bottom makes it hard to work with...
    I am currently using a GORUCK GR1.. and it has been good..but lacks organization...

    I was in the TB store last week, and saw the Co-Pilot and Pilot...
    Any thoughts from current owners of these bags?

    Anyone here on the forums use TB bags for industrial work?

    I am trying to avoid Veto Pro Pack, Klein Tools, Dewalt, Makita they draw attention...and some of the countries that I travel to are less than safe. I don't want a bag that screams "valuable inside"...

    All comments will be appreciated.

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    I can't say I use the copilot for "industrial use".
    I can say I use the copilot as an art bag, carrying water colors, pencil cases. Tubes of paint in Tupperware like containers.
    I also use two side effects (standing up) to further organize my other smaller cases within the main compartment.

    I can't wait until I get my black/Iberian Pilot to ratchet up the whole experience.
    (By the way the copilot sits very nicely at the bottom of my Gr2 backpack bigger section as a way to sub-organize it when I use that knapsack for its clamshell like design)

    On a separate topic I have just received the founders briefcase back a couple of weeks ago and have already used that as an "Artbag" as well and will be posting photos from that trip in a few days.

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    Can you elaborate a bit on what functionality you are looking for, what things you are putting in the bags and a little more detail on what your ideal organized bag would be like?
    As a process person, not sure what your requirements are!

    A Smart Alec backpack has a padded bottom and you can add modular pockets / organizational items but I do not know if it would be too big (Super Ego is 1680 Cu In, Smart Alec is 1600 Cu In and Synapse 25 is 1526 Cu In.)

    TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!

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    I am a Tech. too and carry all sorts of industrial stuff in all my Bihn bags with no real issue.

    I went to Walmart and bought some blue sleeping bag pad from the camping section and made strips the width of the bottom of a bag and line them with that.

    You can also easily do the same for the bottom and sides from one piece if you give it a little thought first and cut the entire thing then only 1/2 cut where the folds will be. Then stick it in the bag for fit and tape it together if needed with duct or Gorilla tape.

    I routinely use my Synapse for a lot more than I should and so far after several years it looks like brand new really!

    I do the same with the Super Ego and Empire Builder and use both to carry items all the time that no one would imagine could be in bags like those. Its a gift I guess?

    My favorite bag though for carrying more than I can is the Brain Bag,that thing is just sick!
    I can easily stuff in more than I can carry and it still rarely looks the part.

    How can the SE be too big?

    I have recently snagged a 5.11 Tactical bag and it "Seems" much more rugged in a superficial way but I have doubts it can really any tougher than any Bihn that I have?

    So I would give the foam a shot before buying any other bags and then I would get a few Tactical organization pouches,I think what you are really asking is what to do with the tools?
    Mainly Hand Tools and Meters,am I right?

    Look at the Maxpedition and Condor pouches. I have a huge assortment of hand tools and adapters in a Condor Administration pouch and I truly can not accept that they fit in there much less that I can zip it shut but I can!
    The thing just drops right into another bag and the tools stay together too.

    I have other pouches with different groups of tools in them and this helps keep it all organized as the pouches have pouches in them and elastic loops to keep it all straight.
    It is a little effort to get it all together but well worth the try.

    Hope this helps.


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    +1 to AVServices recommendation to just add your own padding if it is not built in. I do this for my Brain Bag. I use a combination of memory foam / neoprene off of an cheap sleeve and corrugated plastic board (this material is similar to what makes the Brain Cell hard sided). I cut them to shape and tape them together with Duct tape or Gorilla tape and put them on the bottom. Alternately, some old camera bag inserts could do as well.

    For the Brain Bag, I have always found it my go-to bag for just putting everything in. I am curious as to the reasons for what APG wrote: "it did not do well in the field".

    TB Ballistic Black/Iberian Dyneema backpacks and briefcases for every occasion together with my cherished Nordic and Solar Dyneema!

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