I have some questions about the ID Messenger Bag / Briefcase and the Camera Insert/Outsert from Tom Bihn:

I noticed that the Camera Insert/Outsert accessory pouch is listed as being compatible with the ID Messenger/Briefcase. I was wondering if there are any SLR photographers that actually carry a Camera I/O inside of an ID. If so, what is your experience? Does it work? Do you use your ID (with I/O inside) in concert with a Quick-Adjust Messenger Strap for bike riding or other outdoor activities? Have you ever taken this combination on a photography hike? If so, how did it work? If you use the Q/AM Strap to shift the ID to your back, and then decide you want to shift it back to retrieve your camera from inside the ID, how easy is it to shift the ID around to get in and get the camera without taking it all off?

For those who carry the Camera I/O in the ID, is there still room in the main compartment to carry a Horizontal Freudian Slip in that compartment as well? Or is it too full with just the I/O inside? Is it possible to carry the Slip in another compartment if you wanted both the Slip and your camera to go with you? I ask this because the Tom Bihn Flickr set for the ID shows images of the Camera I/O installed and it does not appear there is any more room.

Also: would a Field Journal Notebook fit in the front/top flap, or in the larger front under-flap pocket?

Could the Tripod Quiver be installed on one of the outer pockets of the ID?

Thanks in advance.