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    Make yourself a Pilot Franken Slip......

    Anyone of a nervous disposition may want to skip this post ..... it involves what some may consider abuse of a Tom Bihn product ....... Pictures will, hopefully, be at the bottom of this post ....

    Fuelled by the desire for a Freudian Slip (FS) for my Pilot (and possibly a couple of glasses of wine) I decided to have a look at how the FS fit into the Pilot for myself. It was, as others had indicated, a bit on the large side. However, I noticed that most of the excess was in the height, the width was actually not too bad.

    So, armed with a seam ripper (and, maybe, another glass of wine!) I decided on a course of action ...... this is where it gets a bit gruesome ..... the seam ripper was quickly substituted for a small pair of sharp scissors which made opening up the bottom seam of the FS a bit easier. I made a hole that was about a third of the width of the FS, basically, big enough to get my hand in so that I could roll up the foam stiffener and remove it.

    I estimated how much foam I needed to remove so that it would fit the height of the Pilot, approximately 1.5" to 2"....I removed the excess in increments because, at this point my nerve was failing me (and there was no more wine ). Once cut, I rolled the foam back up so that I could put it back inside the fabric. I decided not to remove any of the fabric, I just poked it up into itself until it just covered the foam. Then I realised how late it was!

    No time to sew the seam so i fastened it back together with safety pins .... this would also give me the chance to remove more foam if I deemed it necessary after using my new Fraken Slip at work today.

    The verdict:
    It's possibly still slightly too tall, however, removing any more from the height is also going to reduce the depth of the pockets at the bottom. As it is they fit my stuff perfectly, however, a full size pen might not fit well enough (my favourite pen only becomes full size when you screw the cap on the back end.....if that makes sense). The other pockets are the perfect size for (L to R): 2 x Aloksaks (containing first aid sundries, stain wipes, business cards etc (basically flat stuff)), MiFi, Torch, Ti pen, Space pen, empty, back up battery pack. The top zipped pockets are, obviously, not affected.

    With the FS in the pilot, assuming the pockets aren't stuffed full, there's possibly enough room to squeeze in a 13" MacBook Pro (I can't confirm this because I don't have one .... yet ) You won't be able to pack a fully loaded packing cube in there though.

    I shall now attempt to post some pictures .....

    Slip in the Pilot, I still have to coax the corners inside so I can zip it shut

    The closed Pilot with Slip inside

    Tried to capture the space remaining ..... not sure I succeeded

    The back of the Slip in all it's g(l)ory
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