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    Quote Originally Posted by ykang2375 View Post
    I bought a lot of TB accessories with my Tri-Star, you should watch the TB video of the Tri-Star in action, I was all set on the Aeronaut before I saw it.
    Hi Vanessa,

    There are a few different places you can find videos of the Tri-Star in use. I like to point people to the Blog entry for Stephan's bags/accessories from the Tri-Star vidoe because it not only links to the Tom Bihn video showing the Tri-Star being packed up for travel, it also provides you with a list of the accessories that are being demoed and the times when they appear in the video. You can decide whether any of these items seem useful and get an idea of how different products can be used in combination.

    I have both the Tri-Star and the Aeronaut, and either bag would accommodate what you'd like to carry. I'd be inclined to select the Tri-Star here, because I think you'll find it more convenient to access items in the middle compartment while en route. If you use the Aeronaut, you can access your electronics and other items from the side pockets. By the way, I've often found it convenient to stow an iPad (in a cache) in the back zippered pocket that holds the backpack straps for these bags.

    As others have said, I get the maximum usage out of luggage bags like the Tri-Star and Aeronaut by using the Tom Bihn packing cubes designed for these bags, but I'll add that you can also use other exisitng packing cubes/folders with these bags. A number of people use the Eagle Creek 18" Pack-It Folder with the Tri-Star and/or Western Flyer (particularly the light-weight Specter II versions of Sil-nylon) in the back compartment. There are also some accessories that are just generally useful with all kinds of bags: people have already pointed you to the travel trays, but after first trying the 3D Clear Organizer Cubes (and other versions in mesh, and all fabric Dyneema or 420d HT Nylon Parapack) for 3-1-1 toiletries use, I got lots of these for use with cables and electronic components in my Synape backpacks. And the Tri-Star medium Packing Cube also works well for doing double duty as a packing cube in those bags.

    Sounds like a fantastic trip! Good luck with your travels.


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    Thank you everyone! You've all been very helpful The cube backpack is a really good idea! I never thought of it I really loved the videos....those bags are like a tardis LOL

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    Peppin: PM'd you.

    Apparently this post is too short, so here I am making it longer.

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